DilinxRFID Partners with Impinj in Providing Integrated BAP RFID Solutions

DilinxRFID, a technology innovator and advanced manufacturer in the global Battery-Assisted Passive ("BAP") RFID market, announced its Executive Partnership with Impinj, the leading global innovator of UHF Gen 2 RFID technology.

The partnership enables DilinxRFID to complete their RFID solution offerings by seamlessly integrating Impinj Speedway® Revolution Readers and accessories, together with PowerID BAP technologies. Current users of Impinj readers and infrastructure will also enjoy the benefits of BAP by simply deploying PowerID tags in the existing environment without the need to upgrade or change any hardware.

“To get the best performance out of UHF Battery-Assisted Passive tags, our customers prefer to use high-sensitivity readers. PowerID BAP tags are designed to give 20 – 30 meters of read range. Impinj Speedway readers can give our customers this performance consistently and reliably,” said Nelson Yu, Global Sales and Marketing Director of DilinxRFID.

“Impinj has been proactively defining effective applications with our technology partners. The BAP technologies from DilinxRFID and PowerID open up a new horizon of long-range UHF applications for our global user community,” said Yue Savage, Senior Director of sales APAC of Impinj. 

Together DilinxRFID and Impinj will create effective long-range RFID solutions based on the integration between PowerID UHF BAP technologies and Impinj Speedway readers. These solutions better address the needs of applications with challenging requirements, including cold chain, people positioning, fleet management, container tracking, heavy asset tracking and more.