Technology Partners



PowerID is the industry leader in the field of Battery-Assisted, Passive (BAP) RFID technology. The company provides reliable, long-range, high performance BAP RFID labels for selected applications in industries involving freight, metals, chemicals, paper, people tracking, race timing, and the cold supply chain.


Impinj, Inc. is the leading provider of UHF RFID solutions for identifying, locating and authenticating items. Impinj’s GrandPrix™ technology platform is the most comprehensive and widely adopted in our industry. The GrandPrix platform’s key elements are Monza® tag chips, Indy® reader chips, and Speedway® readers and subsystems. RFID systems built on the GrandPrix platform deliver real-time information about tagged items, thereby enabling applications and analytics designed to improve business decisions and enhance consumer experience. Leading retail, apparel, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, technology and logistics companies as well as government agencies rely on our GrandPrix platform.