The Cause

Simply because we care

Infinite Solutions

BAP and Passive solutions making the impossible possible

In the realm of Internet-of-Things (IoT), every object is connected and communicated. The RFID industry is the cornerstone of IoT, which connects and communicates "things". However, the development of RFID in the past decade is still far from achieving this full potential.

BAP fills the market space between Passive and Active. BAP is your right choice when Passive tags are not far enough and Active tags too expensive. BAP makes previously impossible application now possible.

In addition to BAP, we also offer Passive labels and tags. Our technologies enable customers to a wide range of applications under the same roof, completing solutions with infinite possibilities. 

Faster ROI

Printing technologies allow higher degree of customization

Printing is one of the fastest and most economic of manufacturing. When we print our RFID labels, it means we can easily customize the antenna design to customer's specific requirements. Our simplified manufacturing process immensely shortens the lead time from concept to product. As a result, our customer can reap the benefits of faster ROI.