Semi-passive, Semi-active, Battery Assisted Passive Power just when needed

BAP, short for "Battery Assisted Passive", is also known as Semi-Passive and Semi-Active. BAP technology involves tags that are battery powered but, unlike active RFID tags, do not continuously signal. The tags get activated only when they receive signals from readers and are on sleep mode the rest of the time. This results in a longer battery period (of as many as five years) and eliminates the need for charging.

BAP successfully combines the best of both passive and active technologies in terms of price and usability. BAP tags offer the advantages of active tags, such as increased read range, but at a much lesser price and smaller form factor. BAP tags are ideal for challenging environment with presence of water and metal content.

Connected Sensors

Built-in with a battery, BAP tags can support sensory components to add values to various applications. Cold chain, especially the supply chain of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and food, present a very ideal application for BAP with temperature sensor. The integration with light, heat and odor sensors will further propel the use of BAP tags into unexplored applications in environment and security monitoring. In the future, BAP sensor tags will take a major position in constructing the Wireless Sensory Network (WSN).